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AE80 Floating Amphibious Excavator

by Oct 14, 2022

8-ton amphibious excavators are also common models. Compared with the 5-ton amphibious excavator, it is more efficient to use and can also handle slightly larger projects. For example, maintenance and cleaning of some waterways, landscape construction, and protection, etc.

8 Tons Amphibious Excavator

Suitable for multi-brand upper structure excavators.

Material : Q355B and above

Track Chains : Two pieces

Floating : Optional

Travel Motor : Two pieces

Optional match : Long boom, dredging pump, etc.

First acquaintance with amphibious excavators

The amphibious excavator/swamp buggy is specially designed to maneuver in swamps, swampy areas and loose terrain, and it can also float on water as an added safety feature. Since he is converted from an excavator, he can access almost any terrain. Greater versatility is easily achieved when combined with the wide range of attachments we produce.

Extra Pontoon

Supplementary pontoons can be added on each side to make the whole floating pontoon form a square-like operating platform and to enhance stability.

Hydraulic Spuds

Hydraulic spuds can overcome buoyancy in deep water, provide additional stability and enhance operability on the water up to 8 meters deep.

Extendable Function

Hydraulic extendable pontoon system offers the flexibility of narrow track width when fully retracted, particularly useful during transportation.

The 8-ton amphibious excavator is also a popular model. It can not only handle some small engineering projects in individual households, but also meet the maintenance of waterways, natural environment maintenance and other work. It is a common model in the home machinery rental market.

Undercarriage Features


Extendable and retractor pontoon system.


Three separate rooms per pontoon, hermetically sealed.


Three service manholes on each pontoon for easy maintenance and field servicing.


Hardened rollers and bushings for extended operating life.


Modular design for easy transportation.


8 Tons Amphibious Excavator

Product Model


General parameters

Length of pontoon (A)

6564 mm

Overall length (C)

7402 mm

Counterweight clearance (E)

1702 mm

Width of pontoon (G)

1300 mm

Height of pontoon (I)

1502 mm

Upper structure width (K)

2130 mm

Long reach front (Options)

H9/0.2 m³

Length of Rear upper structure (B)

1750 mm

Boom transport height (D)

3682 mm

Overall width (F)

4000 mm

Min. ground clearance (H)

1100 mm

Cab height (J)

3697 mm

Bucket capacity

0.3 m³

Pontoon Undercarriage

Length of pontoons

5459 mm

Height of pontoons

1643 mm

Matched excavators weight


Width of pontoons

1300 mm

Overall width

3600 mm

Extendable Undercarriage

Length of pontoons

6564 mm

Height of pontoons

1502 mm

Matched excavators weight


Width of pontoons

1300 mm

Overall width

3569-4369 mm