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Apply to engineering operations such as walking in swamps, dredging depths below 5m, piling on water, etc.


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Need a Solution for an Amphibious Excavator?

Describe the work site of the amphibious excavator, including but not limited to water depth, mud depth, work location, and the purpose to be achieved, excavation or dredging. We will customize solutions based on the information.

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We are a continuous improvement manufacturer

We are a Chinese amphibious excavator manufacturer with a Japanese system. We have close relations with Sumitomo and Hitachi, and inherit the quality standards and management methods of Japanese construction machinery brands.

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We have upgraded basic equipment such as mechanical automatic welding arms, large floor boring machines, etc. In the case of ensuring function and quality, take into account the appearance.

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Looking For The Best Amphibious Excavator Partner For Your Next Construction Works?


Have workers with many years of manufacturing experience in amphibious excavators ensure stable quality and delivery.

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Long-term cooperation with transportation companies, with high skilled port loading and transportation service capabilities.

Looking for the best combination for the work site?

Our Main products

Amphibious Excavator Pontoon Undercarriage

On the basis of the amphibious undercarriage, we can also provide telescopic functions, side pontoons, hydraulic spuds, long-reach booms, and other amphibious equipment.


Your reliable dredging partner

Our amphibious excavator services are divided into three parts: pre-sales, in-sale, and after-sales.

Provide you with a complete amphibious undercarriage set of solutions according to your needs before sales.

During the sale, we will actively communicate with you and coordinate transportation matters.

After the sale of the amphibious excavator, arrange installation training and provide the required technical documents and spare parts.

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Years of Experience

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Why Our Production Services

One-stop dedicated person for the whole process to connect to avoid ineffective communication.


One matter, one discussion, more in line with the actual work site.

Mature technology

Many years of practice, can be used with confidence, no safety hazards.

Deliver on time

The production cycle of the amphibious undercarriage is 30-40 days, without delaying the progress of the project.

After-Sales Support

The completion of the sale of the amphibious excavator is the beginning of a long-term business. Service is always there.

Let’s start talking today to start the collaboration!

How it works

Manufactur Work process

What is the process if I want to buy an amphibious pontoon undercarriage?

Step 01

Provide information

Provide working condition information and the model of excavator expected to be used

Step 02

Communicate configuration

Adjust the equipment mix to meet the working conditions and determine the contract.

Step 03

Scheduled production

Purchase raw materials, start production, track progress, and inspect after completion.

Step 04


The cooperative ocean freight forwarder assists the port loading and shipping to the destination port.

Applicable to all brands

Amphibious undercarriage


Different working conditions (swamp or shallow water) require different combinations, and different sizes and models of amphibious excavators have different prices.

For amphibious excavators’ details, please consult the pre-sales service personnel.

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