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Suitable for a variety of terrain and site applications, and can be customized according to different terrains and working conditions.



Pontoon Undercarriage Application

Wetlands & Swamp

The amphibious excavator can enter the swamp or mud to work without sinking under the condition that the pontoon undercarriage is even not fully floated.
The amphibious excavator has the advantages of fast walking and flexible steering in the swamp.

Pontoon Undercarriage Application

Channel Dredging

In narrower waterways, amphibious excavators can replace ships. Digging in a river with a water depth of no more than 1.5 meters is the working condition where amphibious excavators have the greatest advantage. At this point the side pontoons are not even required to work.

Pontoon Undercarriage Application

Cutter Suction Dredging

Desilting with cutter suction pump is one of the most important working conditions of amphibious excavators.
With side pontoons and hydraulic spuds, it can work in working conditions with a water depth of 2-10 meters.
Both floating and non-floating are available.

Pontoon Undercarriage Application

River Dredging

We do not recommend using amphibious excavators in water depths greater than 10 meters.
But it is undeniable that it can cooperate with the cutter suction vessel for dredging operations under such conditions.
Only experienced drivers are advised to perform the work when it is safe to do so.