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Tianjin, China

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Mon – Fri : 9 AM – 5 PM


One-stop dedicated person for the whole process to connect to avoid ineffective communication.




One matter, one discussion, more in line with the actual work site.

Mature technology

Many years of practice, can be used with confidence, no safety hazards.

Deliver on time

The production cycle is 30-40 days, without delaying the progress of the project.

After-Sales Support

The completion of the sale is the beginning of a long-term business. Service is always there.

Don’t Know What To Start With?

Your reliable dredging partner

Whether you are a dealer or a project operator, we are always your backing with strong technologies and solutions.

Manufacturing Services

Strict quality control process and experienced professional workers ensure product quality.

Project Management Services

Arrange installation training and provide required technical documents and spare parts.

We Help You to Build Everything Amphibious Excavator You Needed!

The determination of the combination of pontoon undercarriage ensures the efficiency of the project.
Timely communication and feedback during production and transportation ensure smooth delivery.
When the amphibious pontoon arrives at the construction site, the real cooperation begins.
The provision of various technical data and the timely supply of spare parts ensure that the project runs without hindrance.

All Amphibious Excavator Pontoon

Everything you need to know about having an amphibious excavator from scratch.